Google to shutdown "Google Stations" globally!

Google to shutdown "Google Stations" globally!

Google is ending its yet another service Google Station, the program where Google Offers WiFi to users for free in almost 400 big and medium railway stations of INDIA and all over the world. Google's Caesar Sengupta the Vice president of Payments announced this move stating the company is unable to find sustainable business model to scale up and also the rise of mobile networks like JIO being the Other causes, especially in INDIA.

The entry of JIO in Indian telecom made a huge difference not only to mobile phone users but also to many companies especially after the company announced free 4g internet and calls for a certain period of time. Though Google still said many companies had signed up even after the entry of JIO and other networks slashing the data price, now as the data price has got cheaper and more number of people started using their mobile data instead of the WiFi they think this Program was no longer necessary. 

Google winding down services is not a new one especially after it shutdowned Google Plus,Allo but if it continues then we missing the favorite friendly features/networks is certain and that is not far.

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