Some important research Sites you can follow to stay up-to-date about COVID-19 aka coronavirus treatment, medicine, Symptoms and so on...

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic has broke out, our readers who are in thirst of finding the right key information has contacted me and asked me to share some scientific research based website links that will help them to stay up-to-date regarding the discovery of vaccine/ medicine for COVID-19 aka coronavirus(2019-nCoV) and its related researches like new symptoms, treatment,etc as most of them are misleading.

As, i was little bit busy, i shared some links that i follow only to them, but as day by day readers of our site is contacting me about the same, i thought it would be good to write a separate post for that, hence wrote this post.

If you are new to this site, or just want to know some links that you can follow to know the latest update regarding the covid-19 then i hope this information will be helpful for you too..

Note : This links are not any affiliated links or they had asked me to include, they are just website with some high quality researches that i thought will be helpful for people like you.

1) The eye-eu

One of the best site, i had came across in my life. Whenever i need information regarding anything the first place i would look for will be the eye. Its a opensource community, and it will have all the information related to everything we need, including some sensitive content(like miltary top secrets, banned research papers, books, videos, survival guides,etc).

They never disappointed by not uploading Coronavirus papers as well..

Infact, they collected and uploaded most of the papers that came about coronavirus since 1968. whether the research is about the animals, humans or anything that included the word corona, you can find it there.  

If You are a researcher, i guess those 5,352 won't disappoint you.

Know what ?, the site is opensource and you can download any confidential content for free including the books that teach how they are giving training to military all over the world, written by their own officials..

The only bad news is they won't update everyday which is understandable (as they have huge preserved data and served Petabytes requests). Just visit the site once, you won't be disappointed:)

2) The Wiley.

This site is a pretty good site, when it comes to teaching you the knowledge, though most of the content are paid.

They had enabled free access to all the content researches about corona virus aka covid-19.

You can visit this site almost everyday, as the research community from all the world will publish their discoveries every hour.

Don't get surpised, when you are not able to understand those papers, because sometimes they will be too technical.


Its a actually an AI based content discovery site, that will locate all the contents that were published under the name we are giving all over the world(a kind of bot).

If you are hesitant to visit wiley, then i guess you can follow this below scitrus link.

The above link will have all the latest updates related to Covid-19 virus whatever it might be about, for example: if you want to know what is the new symptom or treatment they discovered about coronavirus/ covid-19 then you can find it there..

Ofcourse, its free as well.

4) AllenAI:

This is also another Ai based site, that have been updated periodically. This site has collected nearly 59,000+ articles and researches about the Covid19 aka coronavirus and has published under the name of CORD-19.

Some are for commercial,but most of them are free.

Those are the top links that you can follow to stay up-to-date about the Covid-19 treatment, vaccine , symptoms and other stuffs.

Some honorable mentions - lancet,nature,sciencedirect,

I'm sorry i would have missed some important sites who work really hard to publish papers related to corona, but not known well to the world.

if you think it would be great if we include those as it might be helpful for some of us, Kindly let me know in comments :)

-A big thank you to all those people who work really hard to save lives during this covid situation:)

Be safe:)