WhatsApp down again -> Users are unable to send and receive messages on time (May 4,2019)

WhatsApp, the Facebook owned company,  seems to be down again once again, as users started receiving messages very late. When i checked we're able to change the profile picture, account settings, everything seems to be fine except messages. There seems to be latency issues, as the messages that are sent by users, are delivering more than 10min-2 hours late, (even we received messages very late, messages sent by my friends, are delivering late)

Whatsapp keeps on checking for new messages with notification, but users end up receiving the messages sent by their friends morethan 3hrs ago. Ideally, when you switch on your data/WiFi WhatsApp will automatically download all the messages and statuses posted by your friends, but that was not the case now. Messages are delivered with 5-10 min latency.

 We're not sure about what went wrong, but the issue seems to have affected people globally. Users from USA, Brazil, India and Malaysia seems to be affected mainly because of this issue. 

More details, will be updated once we have more information.

Update : WhatsApp started recovering, as the latency issue is very much reduced.