Amazon is working on a wrist device that could read your emotions!

Amazon is working on a device that could read human emotions! ya, you read that right. After the big success of Alexa., A-Z Company Amazon, seems to be involved in developing a new wrist device that could read human emotions, Bloomerang reports.

According to the report published on Bloomerang, Bloomerang seems to have obtained the internal documents about this voice activated wrist device that could read your emotions and it will be controlled by Smart phone Application.

So, how this device gonna operate..? Since the device is a voice controlled wrist device (it might look like Wrist watch), it could detect your current mood, through algorithms and will start suggesting you based on your emotions in combination with Alexa.

For example: If you are in romantic mood, it might read your emotions, and as there might be a option to pair with Alexa, Alexa will suddenly ask you, Ok, Shall i play some romantic songs, without you even asking it, that much powerful it might.

Though its good to develop such technology, But in the same time, since data needs to be stored to analyse about the particular person, there might be a huge privacy risk if that particular data falls into wrong hands.

What are your thoughts?