Windows Terminal, a new open source application coming on Mid-June [Download code now]

Windows Terminal, a new terminal application was unveiled by Microsoft for command line and shell users. Microsoft promises, this new terminal will be fast and powerful than regular tools that are available right now.

In a blog post, Microsoft added that this terminal has multi tabed support so you can use any number of applications like powershell, Cmd inside this app itself with the option of using new font.. 

Check out the below video to know how it looks like..


So, When its going to be available for everyone?

This new terminal can be downloaded through Microsoft store of Windows 10. But wait, currently its available only on GitHub as open source code. And there are no preview apps, so you need to download the code and build the app yourself if you want to try it now. 

The Windows Terminal is in the very early alpha stage, and not ready for the general public quite yet. If you want to jump in early, you can try building it yourself from source.
Otherwise, you'll need to wait until Mid-June for an official preview build to drop.

You can download the code on this Github page [Click to View].