Google mistakenly triggers "new device sign in" notification for lot of #Gmail users

Lot of users suddenly started receiving the email from Google, that you will get when signed in from another location/ device. Yes the message "New Sign-in on an unrecognized device" Your account is at risk if this wasn't you was mistakenly sent to most of the users around the world, if you had received this email, then don't panic, because this seems to happened because of a bug on the Google Systems.

The incident came to light, when users took the issue out on Twitter, soon after the issue went viral, Google fixed the issue without revealing much details about the issue, and started displaying the alert on the admin panel.

You can ignore the notification message as of now, but makesure you always change the password if you feel something is going wrong.

This post was last updated on May 21,2019 (6PM, IST).