Mysterious animal 'Yeti's footprint found says, #Indian Army

Yeti also called as snow man is a mythology creature believed to be living in parts of himalayas, siberia and the east asia. It was just a mythological creature,but people around Nepal still says, they had seen the ape like creature now and then. Numerous researchers too believe yeti exists.

To confirm their belief, Indian Army has tweeted a statement from its official twitter handle.. In that tweet Indian army says, they had found the footprints of yeti near Makalu Base Camp. and that footprint  measures around 32x15 inches with pictures.

Here is what the tweet says,

We have photograph evidence about this for about 10 days, hence we decided to go public after sharing the images to scientific evaluation team, the army added further.

As soon as Army released images, twitter was buzzing about this, as previous attempts claiming evidence of yeti, from many researchers are found to be only gorilla's and bears, but we can't simply deny the fact it might exist, as existence of yeti are confirmed by so may locals, and other mountaineers.

All we have to do is to wait for more information..

In the mean time, if you are interested to know more about this, Yeti, you can read on this wiki page (Click to View).