You no longer need to delete apps to install new apps, AppStreamer is on the Way !

You no longer need to delete apps to install new apps, AppStreamer is on the Way !

If you are the one who always thinks to upgrade your phone just because your phone's storage is limited, then its time for skipping the decision. Researchers of Purdue University has designed a new software named "AppStreamer" to help us. 

How this AppStreamer will work on Phones?

AppStream works on the concept of Middleware, so whenever if you want to install 1Gb worth game like COD  on your phone, then what this AppStreamer will do is, it will install a small piece of Software on your Phone, and will take care about the rest in their cloud servers. It is like the concept of Netflix and Other video/game Streaming platforms like Youtube, and Stadia. Whenever you are watching Movies on Netflix or viewing Youtube Video on your device, are they are saving the entire movie/ video on your device?, Absolutely No ! They just stream from the cloud servers. 

AppStreamer will work on the same way. It will act as a Middleware and will load the entire app from the cloud servers, and the interesting part is you won't find any difference if you have good internet connectivity says the researchers.

This appStreamer concept will be one of the top three papers that are going to be presented at International Conference on Embedded Wireless System and Networks scheduled to take place on Feb 17, 2020 - Feb 19,2020 France.

Check out the below YouTube Video for more information.

If Concepts like this, started to emerge then it will not be limited to just Phones, it can be used in almost every technologies like self driving cars, where the storage space is limited.

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