Linux Kernel 5.6 RC1 now available for Download [ Official Download Link is here]

Linux 5.6 kernel prepatch or release candidate/RC 1 is now available for download on Official kernel servers. 

In case, if you don't know what Kernel is..

To say in layman's terms, Kernel is just a piece of software which will interact with the Hardware and OS. Whenever you switch on your PC then this kernel will be loaded into memory(RAM). Then this kernel residing inside the OS will always reside in the memory and will continously translates and takes care about the communication between your hardware and Operating System. So is attacking kernel means our system is gone? hmm.. yup but it wasn't the easiest job for any malicious files. Because Kernel itself will have security mechanism which will prevent any attempt to access it other than operating system. And that was the reasons developers try very hard to keep kernel bug free.

What's new in Kernel 5.6 ?

This Kernel has lot of new additions like the fix for Y2038 problem, Wireguard ( the revolutionary upcoming Opensource VPN which might replace many existing VPN technologies), Support for USB4 (Upcoming USB version using which we can transfer upto 40 Gbps data per second), in addition to new hardware drivers and Experimental support for F2FS.

"The rc1 tag has been pushed out, and so the merge window for 5.6 is closed. think that what happened is simply that the holiday season impacted. This was actually a slightly smaller merge window than usual, but I expected, but seems to instead have caused 5.6 to have slightly less new development. It impacted the 5.5 rc series less than I had development than normal commits (11.5k if you count merges too). So it's not like it's tiny, Of course, "slightly less" is just that - we still have more than 10k and it's still _way_ too big to post full shortlogs or anything like that. So below is my usual "mergelog" that shows my merges and who they came from". -Linus Said in its Mail.

You can read the complete history here.

You can Download Linux Kernel 5.6 from here