Using Windows 10, Version 1809 ?Your end of Support is near..

Using Windows 10, Version 1809 ?Your end of Support is near..

Windows 10, version 1809 is getting ready to be the upcoming successor of Windows 7, as its going to reach the end of support on coming May 12, 2020.  So, if you are using Windows 10, version 1809 released on November 2018 then get ready for end of support message !

Because your Windows is going to start displaying this end of support notification on most of your system areas, especially on your Settings Application as Microsoft has now confirmed that, the buggiest OS is finally being retired .

What are the OS Editions that are reaching end of support ?

As of now, all Windows 10, editions of 1809 like Home, Pro, Pro for Education, Pro for Workstation and IoT core (to make it simple, i would say except Enterprise) every other OS editions of 1809 is reaching its end.

What will happen to them?

Nothing much to panic. Customers who contact Microsoft Support after this date will be directed to update their device to the latest version of Windows 10 to remain supported and you won't receive updates. Meaning, you will not get official support unless you install the latest version of Windows 10 and you have to install updates to keep your PC secure.

Do i have to upgrade ?

Upgrading from this OS to any other OS builds is always welcomed ! And its because of only one reason. Bugs ! If there exists a sheet which has data about which Windows 10 OS has lot of bugs?, then you won't be surprised this securing top 3 spot.  

And that's because of multiple yet to patch bugs exists in this OS.

So, upgrade your PC to the latest version.

Or Just download and install a fresh copy. If you are an beginner and wanna install without any errors, then you can follow the video i created for creators update, which will still work for this build. 

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