It's Safer Internet Day 2020 Today ! - Here is how you can help yourself to Make yourself Safer on internet !

              Every year, in the second Tuesday of February, search giants like Google raises awareness to make Internet Safer for everyone. And this day is known as "Safer Internet day". Though those big companies took pledge to build Internet Safer, it is not possible without your Help. Of course, Internet is a nasty place where both good things like up to date information can be found, as well as bad things like human trafficking, Stealing personal information happens. And you know what is the worst part ? people who are aged between 8-20 becomes a victim for both cases.

Information about you is very precious, and that's why lot of efforts are being undertaken all over the world to protect your privacy. Privacy is Dead ! argues many individuals who knows internet a little bit better than everyone. Privacy is Of course dead, but not Officially. Like the bad guys out there , good guys do exists ! And they put lot of effort day in and day out to safeguard your privacy.  

Here is what you can do that will keep you a little bit away from the bad guys. 

We're not asking you to follow things like using VPN or to use tor browsers. We are just asking you to safeguard you from being exposed online by following, following simple things...

1) Whenever you are browsing something on the internet, always verify whether the website connects you through https (which becomes security standard for most of the sites). Ya, i know even https is not that much secure, but it is more secure when compared with the http protocol. 

So, what if the information i'm seeking is not found on https site? well, then its upto you to browse or not. You can still browse because not all sites are bad sites, but proceed with caution.

2) Always use secure passwords !

Data breach is happening every day all over the world.  If you had signed up on one of the site whose data is breached, then i guess i don't need to explain about Consequences! All your login and password credentials will fall to the hands of Malicious persons. And if you are like most people who use same passwords for all the sites then you're gone :(

So, always use different passwords on different sites and Remember to use standard Password policy. An ideal Strong password will have minimum 15 Characters with a combination of 1 Uppercase, lowercase, symbol and a number.

Remember, Longer the password, you will evade for long ! 

Your Passwords are now replaced with facial recognition, and finger prints but those things can be faked too. A new research says your phone with facial recognition can be unlocked by your identical twin or by using technologies like deepfake. So, remember they are not secure too..

3) Always, review the information you Share on websites..

Whenever, you visit an website some information about you like your IP address, the kind of device/ browser you are using will be shared with the web server/ the website you are viewing, and that's how internet works. ! But if there is a ad column/survey asking you to fill the details about you to get a free coke/dinner delivered at your doorstep, then think thrice before giving your personal information.

It can be easily shared with third party companies, who might misuse those data. So, always use your judgement and skip those activities at most cases.

4) Never Share very much information about you on Social networks !

Your social network page like Facebook and twitter profile is enough to understand about you and all you are doing through out your life. So, Share very much less information on those, you don't need the strangers to know about all you :)

Facebook and other social networks have an option to automatically share your profile information to search engines, consider turning it off.

Don't stop there, remember to keep your personal information like email address and phone numbers private.

5) Change Passwords now and then !

Keeping secure passwords is not enough, you have to keep changing passwords now and then. We are not asking you to change your passwords everyday. Atleast change it once in 30 days or 90 days this will make your account secure.

Apart from the above, always review permissions you had given to your android apps that are installed on your device, those things will automatically share your information to other parties.

What permissions do i have to give to app or how to review android app permissions? 

Always use your judgement like this. Consider you are using browser like chrome, do you think a browser needs to access your contacts to operate? No right? then turn it off.  Why ? Nothing is 100 % secure, if there is a bug that was left unpatched on the app, then when you visit malicious site hackers/the site owner can use the bug to steal your information. It not affects you ! It affects everyone you are surrounded like your wife/ friend/ girl friend and family. So review those now and then.

Last but not least ask everyone to follow simple safer habits like the one mentioned above because you might follow those things, what if the other person (like your friend) didn't follow ? Simple, information about you will be leaked when their device is hacked/infected.

So, let's build internet safe for everyone with the help of everyone. 

Together we can :)