Latest technology news Worldwide today August 27,2019 (Verizon antirobo, Uber 24x7, 1909, Facebook threads and More..)

Latest tech news today - August 27,2019

Verizon will automatically enroll you to antirobo calls.

After introducing its free service to filter robo calls aka Spam calls made by bots, the company has decided to automatically enroll its users to antirobo calls filter, this means if you are one of the user then all the robo spam calls will directly goes to your Voice mail and additionally you will receive potential Spam on the caller IDs whenever you receive the spam call, making its users to not to worry about spam callers.

But the company clarified that its only for Android users and iOS users still needs to download the app manually. 

Uber unveils 24x7 helpline in INDIA.

Uber riders have a news to rejoice as the company has unveiled new 24x7 helpline which can be used to settle the issues with the driver(in case of any), report vehicle break down and much more. This is a kind of safety helpline but its not an alternative to traditional helpline number, the company said in its post.

Windows 10 version, 1909 released for few insiders.

Read about 19H2 build in this post.

Windows 10 Version, 1703 will not be sent updates -> Microsoft issues warning to enterprises..

Microsoft says, the Windows 10, Version 1703 will no longer receive updates and will reach its end on coming October 9,2019.

Here is what Microsoft said, 

The Enterprise and Education editions of Windows 10, version 1703 (the Windows 10 Creators Update) will reach end of life on October 9, 2019. The Home, Pro, Pro for Workstations, and IoT Core editions reached end of service on October 8, 2018.
There is no extended support available for any edition of Windows 10, version 1703. Therefore, it will no longer be supported after October 9, 2019 and will not receive monthly security and quality updates containing protections from the latest security threats.
To continue receiving security and quality updates, Microsoft recommends that you update your devices to the latest version of Windows 10. For more information on end of service dates and currently supported versions of Windows 10.

Facebook developing a new app "Threads" to get all your details again..

Facebook was found to be developing a new app called "Threads". Insiders says, this app will let you share your device's battery life, your real time location, and with the help of some creative tools to send picture messages like you are hungry, sleeping,etc with your closest friends on Instagram automatically.

I would say, this might be a new attempt by facebook to get realtime data about you. After selling all your data to third parties, in the name of advertisements if this new app was released , then you will no longer be able to control your data officially.

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