Windows 10 insider preview 18963 is one of the insider preview that has lot of new features you can try

Windows 10 Insider preview 18963 was the all new Windows 20H1 edition released today by Microsoft. Those who feel downloading latest Windows 10 insider preview is waste of time(as Microsoft releases nearly 4GB worth insider OS everyweek, but when you installed you might find only 1 new feature with bug fixes most of the time) you can try installing this new windows 10 insider preview 18963 as it contains many new features.

1) Changing the virtual desktop Name..

We are using Windows 10 virtual desktop now and then, but there was no option to set a name for that desktop, Microsoft fixed that issue, so you can now name your virtual desktop, which might come in handy for users who use lot of virtual desktops and confuse on which virtual desktop the particular app was running.

2) Now you can GPU temperature by default.

Check this post for how to[click to view].

3) An improved Optional features page.

Microsoft has moved the Optional features page to settings window in Earlier editions, but that doesn't gave the feel like using optional features from control panel, mainly because it doesn't contain all the options migrated. Microsoft was aware of that, and has made lot of improvements to this build.

Just give it a try. 

I will post download links for Windows 10 insider preview 18963 iso once it was available in public domains.

You can read the complete post here in this official blog.