Latest tech news worldwide today - August 29,2019 (Google Hire, Apple Siri recordings,Android 10 launch, Mi Tv update and more..)

Latest tech news today - August 29,2019.

Google Hire joins sunset list.

Google Hire the job portal service, which helped lot of people succeed is shutting down on coming September 1,2020 the company said in its support page.

If you are one of the person who have contract then you can extend the service at no additional cost even if your contract expires before September 1, 2020 Google added.

We're not sure why Google is shutting down this successful service, even though the company justified that this is because they want to focus on other products on Google cloud portfolio.

Now, Google Hire joins Youtube Gaming, Allo, G+.., services which are more or less already reached its end.

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Android 10 to launch on September 3?

Rumors say, Google's upcoming Android OS, Android 10 will launch on September 3 (five days from today). And all the pixel phones including the first pixel mobile was believed to get this update as per sources familar with the matter.

If you are using another smartphone Maker's model then you have to wait for the exact release date as the information on when the device will receive OTA update is still unknown (I will update when the info is available).

Xiaomi MI 4 Series TV gets Android Pie update..

Xiaomi's Mi 4 series Android TV's are set to receive Android Pie update(Android 9) this week. The models that are going to receive updates are found to be Mi TV 4A, Mi TV Pro, Mi TV 4A Pro, Mi TV 4C Pro, and Mi TV 4X Pro, Xda forums reported.

Apple will no longer retain your Siri Voice recordings.

Apple has apologized for its act of making humans to hear siri conversations, and promises new privacy focused option of no longer retaining your Siri voice recordings. The company said it will updating its policies regarding the same.

More details will be updated soon, or on tommorow's edition.