Latest technology news Worldwide today August 20,2019 is here..(NFS Heat, Apple tv plus, Whatsapp by Facebook)

Latest technology update news of today August 20,2019 :

1) Need for Speed Heat released..

EA games, the maker of Need for Speed series has released the gameplay trailer for its upcoming game NFS Heat.

Check the trailer here..

The game was set for launch on November 8, 2019.

2) Apple set to launch its Own video Streaming Service ?

Apple TV+ was rumored to launch on company's event happening this September. Though it was not Officially confirmed yet, insider sources says the plan would be starting $9.99 per month.

3) WhatsApp by Facebook makes its Appearance..

Everyone knows WhatsApp was owned by Facebook but the company's decision to change the name was now alive. If you install WhatsApp beta now, you will see WhatsApp by Facebook( like Moto by Lenovo) on the front screen instead of just WhatsApp.

The changes will be live on Other stable editions soon.

4) VERSE, the new tool for Making visually impaired People browse Web faster.

Scientists in partnership with Microsoft, has developed a new voice assistant named Verse to browse Internet faster. Voice Exploration Retrieval and Search (Verse) was developed mainly because to overcome the limitations of virtual assistants. The developers says many virtual assistants just give only one paragraph information even after asking for more information, and Verse is said to overcome those limitations.

Read more about this on Microsoft site..

More details will be updated soon.