Cloud download Option in Windows 10 - What it cloud download option available in Windows 10/Insider previews builds.

Cloud download option under Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery, clicking on the option will not do anything, some of you might have seen this in the latest Windows 10 Insider preview 18963  article available on the official blog, we will explain that in this post.

So, what is this Cloud download option?

If you are Mac user, you might have noticed that there was an option to download the OS directly from servers and reinstall on the device in case we encounter some bugs, this new option was believed to work on the same way in Windows. 

Some history..

If your Windows 10 is causing some issues, the last option was to finally reinstall the OS, but for that you need USB or external media you have boot and perform the installation right?, you don't need that now. Because clicking on this new cloud download option will download and install windows automatically.

But why when reset this PC option is already available?, this was the question that arose on my mind when i first heard about this, then after researching i found that Reset this PC will reinstall the OS from the already created image, but Cloud download option will directly connect to servers and will download and install the updated OS, that was the simple difference i found but again i think this option won't solve most of the problems, particularly when the issue we are already facing was network connectivity issue.

Only the old options will help us on that time, hope Microsoft won't remove the option in future.

What do you think..?