Windows 10 Fall Creators Update : How to Disable apps like candy crush from auto installing on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update [Guide]

How to disable apps like candy crush installing/reinstalling on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, this is what we are gonna see in this post.

One of the most fearsome things, most of the Windows users experience is windows installing unwanted store apps when you install a fresh copy of Windows 10. Though most of the users hadn't experienced this issue, some users reported that windows installs the unwanted apps like candy crush without their permission after upgrading from previous Windows 10 creators update (Windows 10 automatically installs candy crush).

So, if you dont want your Windows 10 PC to install such apps, then you can simply follow the below steps to prevent windows 10 from installing candy crush.

Note : Inorder to stop windows 10 from installing candy crush on Windows 10 fall Creators update you need to make the change in registry, so proceed with caution.

1) Open registry editor.

2) Backup registry,

3) Navigate to the following registry..


4) Now,right click on the Windows folder and select New-> Key

name the key as CloudContent

and follow the remaining steps..

Create a new DWORD on the right pane and name it as DisableConsumerFeatures

Set its value data to 2 or 1.

2 will work in most cases..

5) Click OK to save changes, restart your PC.

That's it,

But, If the above method seems hadn't worked in your Windows 10 Build 1709 Fall Creators

update then try these below steps too..

1) Press Windows + R - > type Secpol.msc

2) Select Application Control Policies

3) Expand Applocker on left pane.

4) Click on Packaged App Rules

5) Now,on your right pane,right click and select "Create new rule"

6) When you clicked it will open a new window with Before you begin,Permissions
and some other options on left pane

7) Select Permissions tab.

8) On the right pane,you can find Action button select Deny on that and click Next.

9) On the next Window,select the dot Use an installed packaged app as reference.

10) Click on  "Select "

11) It will pop up another window,on that scroll down and check the box "Windows Spotlight"

12) Click OK.

13) Again click on Create.

14) Restart Your PC for Changes to take effect..

You can also check the video tutorial, which explains the same.