Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Official direct ISO links x86 bit and x64 Bit [How to download] [Updated]

Windows 10 Fall Creators update was released yesterday. As usual, the people who wish to download this Windows 10 fall creators update are redirected to the Update tool Page, where you can download windows 10 upgrade tool. After such installation then it will connect with Microsoft Servers and will start download the latest Windows 10 iso stored on the Microsoft servers.

But the problem, is it will take too long to download, also it will directly upgrade your PC, so if you regularly format your Windows 10 PC ( Of course you will do,when you play with registries, system files, :p) then we need to download this iso files again and again, which automatically consumes our bandwidth. The only way for those peoples are downloading media creation tool that downloads windows 10 fall creators update save the files and installing again and again. But there is an alternate way

You can use this method to directly download the latest version of Windows 10, which is Windows 10 fall creators update build 1709.

So, why you are been redirected to update tool, when you visit the ISO page..?

Its because Microsoft website is programmed to check the windows version we are using through user agent of our browser.

So, if we change the user agent, then it will display the Official direct links to download windows 10 fall creators update iso, whose link will change every 24 hours.

You don't need to do a vast process to change user agent of your browser to download this latest version of Windows 10, you need to just follow the below steps.

How to download or get Windows 10 Fall Creators update ISO?

1) Visit from your Microsoft Edge browser.

2) Press F12 Key on your keyboard.

                                                        [Video tutorial]

3) It will display developer tools, click on enumulation tab.

4) Select Bing bot on the user agent string.
5) It will automatically refresh the page, where you can simply click on the Confirm icon to download the OS.

Do you think, if there is a video tutorial to show this, sure, you can view this tutorial on our channel using the below link..

Video guide link