Activate Windows 11 - How to Check Windows 11 Activation Status

How to activate Windows 11 and How to check Windows 11 is activated or not? that's what we will see in today's post. The main reason to check whether windows 11 is activated or not is because, most of the features of the Operating System will be restricted without Activation, which can be done with Activation Key.

You can use this guide to check Activation status of Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro any type of editions and versions

I like to reiterate this Post is not about giving Windows 11 key for free or to download. Because, you don't need a separate key to do this..  But if you have an question on how to activate windows 11 without product key .  then its simple, you can activate windows 11 with windows 10 key.  Feel free to install Windows 10 first and upgrade it to Windows 11 using Windows 10 Update. That's it.. Your PC will automatically check and will activate the PC on boot.

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Okay, enough! I just want to know the activation status of Windows 11. Can u guide me on that Steps..?

Sure, here it is..

How to Check Windows 11 Activation Status Easily

Just follow the below Steps..

1) Press Windows logo key and I keys together. 

2) This will open Settings App.

3) On that, navigate to System , on the right sidebar you will see the status.!

You can also check activation status using CMD.

 How to Find Windows 11 Activation Status Using Command Prompt

1) Press Windows Key and R keys.

2) it will display RUN Command, on that type CMD and hit enter.

3) In the Window that opens, type slmgr /xpr and Hit Enter

That's it..

It will display the Activation Status of your Windows 11 PC. Remember, don't download KMS Activator or KmSpico the softwares from Internet, because most of these Softwares are now Packed with malware, and other viruses.. I know crack is just a kind of virus software, but you won't believe these Softwares which were once available as an Poor man's rescue device, is modded with Craps/viruses'. So, use only geninue key and contact Microsoft to purchase one.