Windows 11 for Senior Citizens ? - Do u need to Upgrade? Here is your guide!

Windows 11 for Senior Citizens ? - Do u need to Upgrade? Here is your guide!

Windows 11 for senior citizen? or Does Senior Citizen need to upgrade to Windows 11 ? , that's today's post all about. You may look the title and think about why such a post? the answer is simple, we got a question from one of our site family member!. And its our responsibility to answer! After reading the question, i was lightly shocked because his question was really a valid one.. 

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Here is the Question..

Hi Logesh, I'm a 57 year Old and I have been using Windows 10 for the past 10 Months.  I'm still learning to use Windows 10, but seen on your article that Windows 11 is about to be released in two weeks. Kindly let me know whether i really need to upgrade to Windows 11 ? considering i'm a senior Citizen and i'm still learning Windows 10! Also, let me know what will happen if i didn't upgrade to Windows 11..Thanks, 

The Question is quite relatable for all of us, who has our beloved parents at home using Windows PC.! Hence i decided to write this..

First, i like to clarify one point here, though Windows 11 is free to download or upgrade is free you don't need to upgrade your PC immediately.! Particularly, When Microsoft clearly says Support for Windows 10 will be Available till 2025. 2025! is Quite a big time we have.! 

So, the point here is even if you are Senior Citizen (the word which i ask you not to use, and i don't wanna use) or a normal PC user who is just learning Windows 10, then you don't need to upgrade to Windows 11 immediately (though Microsoft will try to push harder to deliver you the update). 

I will write some post on this on how to defer Windows 11 update/ how to cancel Windows 11 upgrade and will link in this post.

Point number 2 : You can still upgrade! yes, because the Options are not changed much. Its just a Visual polish Microsoft done to look like new OS. But the exisiting ones remains the same. Even if they decided to change everything, it will cost the entire OS.  So, they will not do it immediately(Remember, Windows 10 was full of bugs? when released) Microsoft won't risk it again.

And another question, 

What will happen if i don't upgrade to Windows 11 ?

The answer is simple, your PC will be vulnerable after 2025. Because that's when updates will be Stopped for Windows 10 and Will be sent only to Windows 11. So, we still have more time, which means you don't need to upgrade for now!

Hope i answered your question if not contact me or feel free to comment, we will discuss further.

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