Microsoft wants your contribution ! i.e; Your Windows 10's CPU Power to help find COVID-19 Medicine

Microsoft wants your contribution ! i.e; Your Windows 10's CPU Power to help find COVID-19 Medicine

Are you the one, who wish to contribute to discover Medicine for Covid-19? then Microsoft has an invite for you.

All you need to do is to donate your CPU power!, that's it..  If you are using Windows 10, then its pretty much very easy. Your PC has a inbuilt virtualization option known as Windows Sandbox and Microsoft says, we can use that to find cure.

Sandbox ? What it is? 

Sandbox is a kind of virtualization concept. i.e; Isolated environment. 

You can run any Apps, or code inside that protected box. All those things will be running only inside that box, and will not leave from that box.  It is difficult to bypass Windows Sandbox environment for a normal malicious code. So, it won't do any harm to your PC

Ok, Who is at the back ?

Folding@Home, one of the World's leading research community who fights every day to find cure for cancer, Alzheimer,etc  is at the back of this Operation. And they will use your CPU power to break the Protein code of this Covid-19 virus. 

My pc is small, will my contribution will still work? or Will my contribution will alone going to discover cure? 

This Organization's power is actually bigger than the world's top 7 supercomputer's combined but still not able to decode the entire information of the virus, they still need more power to decode and to find the cure. So, i guess there is no better reason needed than this. Every single contribution is important.

Got it? How to do it?

All you need is to download this powershell script.  After that you have to run this following command on your Powershell.

Powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File .\install_folding_sandbox_on_host.ps1

It will automatically download the latest Folding@Home app on your system on a Sandbox environment and will contribute to the project.

Windows Sandbox allows you to contribute time on your Windows 10 PC towards fighting COVID-19. Here is how it works: using Windows Sandbox you can run the open-source Folding@Home app to help simulate protein dynamics. Folding@Home is one of the most popular distributed computing projects bringing together citizen scientists who volunteer to run simulations of protein dynamics on their personal computers to fight COVID-19 and other diseases. For more information about the project itself, please visit the Folding@Home Knowledge Base. - Microsoft Said in its post. 

Don't think bad about the Bypass word in the above command. Consider it to be a just a keyword used in the programming language to execute the script(Powershell will not allow downloaded scripts to run by default) learn about some simple commands in this post.

If You can learn about the Folding@home, then visit the link here.

Together we can! Let's fight to save the World from this virus :)