Today's Question - How data is sent wirelessly from one place to another when there are lot of devices/ interruption?

Today's Question : 

How data is sent wirelessly from one place to another ?

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Update: The last date for answering is extended to May 6.

Answer to the question , How data is transmitted wirelessly from one place to another? There are lot of things that's happening in the background as soon as you click on the call button on your mobile phone.

It might be too technical to explain, so i will try to minimize those things, for the beginner to understand.

What will happen when i click on call button ?

As soon as you clicked/tap on the call button then your mobile device which have been already programmed to start a specific process, a kind of service app running on your phone, will trigger the another process responsible for signaling. the signalling device then will verify whether the phone is connected to your network, there comes the SIM cards role into play. A SIM card is just a kind of smart technology which will have all your address book and your operator information stored in it. This SIM card will connect your device to the nearest tower then it will be communicating to the next tower, the next's next's etc.. until it reaches the operator's system. So, whenever you make a call to your friend,  your device which has lot of microprocessors and other components will send the signal to the nearest tower which will reach the centralized database unit, which has all the information about the friend's number (Kind of DNS). 

As soon as the information was found, then it will try to send the signal to reach the receiver device, if the receiver device receives the signal and responds back then you will hear a ring, if not switched off or not reachable. That's it.

This is how a device gets connected to another device, once the connection is established and  when you speak all the information will be compressed and will be converted into analog Radio frequency and sent to near by tower, which will then forward the voice signal to the other one until it reaches the receiver device, which will have a small chip to decomplie and convert back into the same thing you said.

And the best part is, its happening in very very minute seconds.!

Its just a very very simple explanation for the beginner to understand, it involves lot of other technical things happening in the background. We will cover them one by one in our upcoming posts.

Understood the above explanation ? here is a question for you..

I said the information we speak is converted into signals and then transferred right? So, here is my question for you. How the receiver device decodes the message and reassembles the exact message we shared ? 

For example : If they said " Hey buddy, ! How are you ? ", then how you are hearing the same message they spoke on your phone? 

Will they have some kind of translator or something? if yes, then how they will have all the language translators ?

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