CES 2024 Review - Things you seen on Terminator, I Robot movies mayn't be much far ! [Check out some best products here!]

CES 2024 Review - Things you seen on Terminator, I Robot movies mayn't be much far ! [Check out some best products here!]

If you are fan of Hollywood movies especially for the genre where Machines will take control of the World kinda of Ones (like terminator series, I, Robot etc ), then CES 2024 had dropped you a hint that our World is Moving towards A.I vs Human Conflict very soon then expected!. 

Know Why? Check out the things that was introduced on CES 2024 (i will rather call AI 2024 innovation) 99% Percent of those is based on A.I (Artificial Intelligence)

If the word CES sounds new to you, then let me take a second to explain in very short! CES is an 3 day technology event where most of the new technology/innovative products will be displayed! In Other words, you can know where the world is moving towards! Not to my Surprise, this year CES 2024 is much packed with Artificial Innovations.!

Alright, what are the best products that was Presented? While the list is very large, i'm picking the collection of useful products that exists but we may never came across. 

Products featuring on this article are not sponsored and i wrote thinking it might be useful for some based on available information on internet, so research much as much as possible before buying.

GUIDi - AI smart belt to guide the visually impaired

One of the promising technology that for both the People who are visually impaired and our friends/ parents of old age  whose vision started blurring developed by Hong Kong Based Company. This belt can be wear'ed just like another belt on hip, and that's it. It will start guiding the person without the need for any others! While the technology promises, there wont be any need for WiFi or Networks for navigating even on No network Zones and guided dog's, it uses Artificial Intelligence Models to detect, Analyze surroundings. The Company also says, it has inbuilt navigation system, and saying to it will take directly there. 

Check out the below video..

The product was available at $10,167. And you can buy it here.

Phantom by Afference

This prosthetics technology can be even used to give the person who lost his arm, and had something like robotic one the sense of feeling again. The developers promises that the device will give sense of us touch again by directly interacting with the brains. Not only Physical but Virtual as well.

The Website FaQ Says this for how it makes it Possible.

Your brain feels sensation when electrical signals are received from your skin. We "hack" the wires connecting your skin to your brain and add new information. Then, the brain feels things that aren't there.

You can contact them at : info@afference.io

Esper Hand By Esper Bionics

You Might have heard about this technology already, but if it not then time to check it out. This is a self learning Bionic arm that promises to be a game changer.

GenHome by Attoplex

A device you can use to test Covid-19 and get results in 30 Minutes. Collect nasopharyngeal or Oropharyngeal Sample, put the swap inside and mix it for 15 - 20 times. Break and close. Keep it for 20mins. Done! You can easily get the results


Ever thought of controlling your devices with tongue? Yes, its now possible! 

MouthPad^ is a tongue-driven interface that controls your computer, smartphone, or tablet via Bluetooth. Virtually invisible to the world, but always available to you, it is positioned across the roof of your mouth to put all of the power of a conventional touchpad at the tip of your tongue. Whether you’re looking for a new way to unleash your creativity or seamlessly interact with your personal devices, the possibilities are infinite with the MouthPad. - Says the developers

Early access for this device is currently available. And you can contact them on the above developers link. 


AsthmaGo is an App designed focusing on people who have Asthma and living on day to day life. This device directly pairs with three other devices like oximeter, and promises to take care of your lungs. It does even have several features like "Low oxygen and high pulse rate", directly sharing reports with Physicans and so on.!

You can contact the team here : https://www.cmihealth.com/pages/asthmago


Ever imagined your Sleep will be controlled by A.I? now its possible! Everything has good side too! So does this device!  this device will be useful for people who have insomnia, and old people who faces sleep issues. You can wear just like a head band and rest it takes care of it.

Check this below interesting video titled MEDICA 2023 Keynote: Enhancing Human Cognitive Functions and sleep quality with FRENZ Brainband

The Minitailz Smart Dog Collar 

Now let's move to our Pet's, one of our family members. There were multiple devices/apps' introduced on CES 2024 focusing on pet's like careepet. But this Minitaliz smart dog collar is one of the technology which collects end to end information like heartbeat, location and much more.

The product is currently available for purchase at $99.00

And you can purchase on this link : https://petcare.invoxia.com/lwt6

X1 AI Interpreter Hub

One of the technology that created much attention is this device X1 AI Interpreter Hub. This is an A.I powered translator powerhouse developed by timekettle. Claims to support 40 online and 13 Offline languages.

Best part is it translates without any delays.

This X1 AI Interpreter Hub is available for buying at $699 and you can purchase it here:  https://www.timekettle.co/products/x1-ai-interpreter-hub

Motion Pillow

Ever worried your snoring problem will lead to issues with partner? you finally have one good solution based on tech! with the arrival of Motion Pillow. This pillow claims to automatically detect snores, and changes your posture using A.I technology.  But the price is $420. A bit high, but worth if you want others to have peaceful sleep.

Check more here : https://motionpillow.com/en/home.do

Rabbit R1 

You might have came across this too, this is another game changing device introduced which uses almost all current A.I technology features that exists like the one you might have seen on Google Duplex and others. Basically, you just need only this 2.88 touch screen device and not 100+ apps claims the developer rabbit.tech as it literally does almost anything all we do on smartphones for so long running on rabbit OS. This is believed to be future Smartphone killer assistant.

It has very good Specifications like Mediatek Mt6765 processor, 128GB Storage and 4GB ram. 
And the price is $199, which is a good deal.

There were other technologies/concepts that were introduced on CES 2024 like transparent TV (Yes you heard that right!) from LG.  Model : LG Signature OLED T,  

ASUS Zenbook DUO (2024) UX8406 

Two flexible displays on one laptop? Yes, that's the new tech from ASUS! Code named : Zenbook Duo 2024.

Check out the below video.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid:

This is a another brand new tech! Where you will laptop running both Android and Windows at the same time. Don't think its a dual boot OS laptop. its more than that! When using Laptop, you will use Windows. But when you detach the screen, it automatically becomes Android tablet.

Technology advancement is very much real right?

There were other tech's introduced too, which i will cover in upcoming posts or whenever have time.! Again, a word of caution Products featured on this article are not sponsored and i wrote thinking it might be useful for some based on available information on internet, so research much as much as possible before buying.

- Hope it is useful!