Don't U-turn make Zero turn! - Says Hyundai Mobis on #CES 2024 #MOBION at CES 2024.

Don't U-turn make Zero turn like a Crab! teases Hyundai, titled #Movement Re-defined Hyundai Mobis introduced new concept vehicle Mobion (Mobis + ON) on CES 2024. Yes as excepted its a Car tooπŸ˜„! But with a slight twist on wheels. 

You can turn the Wheels on any angle /sideways movement, diagonal driving, and pivot turns without need to worry about anything like changing gears/buttons. A final relief for People who thinks worst decision of having a car is finding difficult to park it exactly on the boxes!

The MOBION represents the embodiment of Hyundai Mobis’ core technologies, all of which are ready for immediate mass production,” said Vice President Lee Seung-Hwan, the Head of Advanced Engineering at Hyundai Mobis.

And surprising fact of this Electric Vehicle is.. Wheels are individually controlled.

Enough Build up, check out the video yourself from your end and let me know your comments.

 Price of Hyundai Mobion is not disclosed at the time of writing. But if you got enough money, try to book the car by contacting them on their official site.