What is AWS and How to Make Money ? #Learn AWS Series for free (Part -1)

What is AWS and How to Make Money ? #Learn AWS Series for free (Part -1)

What is AWS?  Why AWS ?  Is there a way we can make Money using AWS ? What is it to Work on AWS? Why AWS is So successful ? Does AWS requires Coding knowledge? Are you AWS partner ?  Is AWS better than Azure ?  Does your tutorial for AWS free ? Will your guide help me in becoming Aws Certified Professional, as i'm unable to afford it? tons of questions like this! in this past week! from our blog readers! 

Though this looks like a good start for the series, i'm kind of bit worried on whether i will be able to post it regularly as looks like most of you are kind of eagerly waiting for this Knowledge Series! I will cover most of them, and if there is a lack of time i will post links to the stuff as we discussed on the last post. So, dont' worry.!

Before, we start learning this series, let's explore why we can start learning this one..

AWS doesn't require any deep coding skills(apart from some services) so, anyone can learn it.

Having a normal basic AWS Certifications like Cloud Practioner will help you year around $60k-$90k per annum depending on the company and your expertise on it.! I would recommend you to go for advanced certifications like Solutions Architect Professional or Speciality Certifications like bigdata, security,etc (ofcourse, we will cover most of those things) to make money which you even think wont be possible when you worked for someone... 

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I had this question, do i need to study every new services to clear the Exams when i started learning this AWS a couple of years back, surprisingly i found the answers myself when i started attempting to learn for toughest high level exam's. One thing which i wanna Say based on my experience is, no you dont need to worry about that part, because though there will be 200-300 Services that will be there on AWS categorized under different ones, so its nearly impossible to remember everything infact even Amazon doesnt ask you to do those things.! There will be 20-30 Core services like S3, Cloudwatch, Cloudfront, RDS, IAM,EC2,etc that will be the most required services and questions will also be mostly based on that even if you want to do some certifications. So, don't worry and dont think its a big task, everything is very simple when you start learning those things..

For this Series, i assume you have zero knowledge on Cloud Industry, and just know what cloud computing is, if you even dont know what that means, then now you will know because i will explain it now.. Cloud Computing is nothing but, having your information stored on Somewhere instead of you maintaining the PC, electricity bill,etc.. All the things you use now like google photos, netflix, primevideo,etc are mostly based on this Cloud computing technology.

Don't worry, about Certifications for now, as i said earlier, you just have to keep learning there is one proverb that says, "Don't worry looking into the Mountain whether you will be able to Climb it, even the mountain will be under your feet when you start climbing it". If you still have doubts, thinking whether you will be able to Make it For your purpose, i will just the requirement for AWS Solution Architect Associate level exam,..

Target candidate description for AWS Solution Architect Associate

The target candidate should have at least 1 year of hands-on experience designing secure, high performing, cost-effective, highly available, and scalable systems by using AWS services. (Here 1year experience can be substituted with your hands-on experience for every service, end of the day you have to know what it is what and how to use it, right?);

Recommended AWS knowledge

The target candidate should have the following knowledge:

  • Hands-on experience using compute, networking, storage, management, and database AWS services
  • The ability to identify and define technical requirements for a solution that involves AWS technology
  • The ability to identify which AWS services meet a given technical requirement
  • An understanding of best practices for building well-architected solutions on AWS
  • An understanding of the AWS global infrastructure
  • An understanding of AWS security services and features in relation to traditional services

Source : AWS

In the above section, they mentioned that hands on experience using compute, networking,etc right? they are just nothing but the services which i said earlier.

Also, another major advantage is that, all questions are kind of MCQ. You dont need to write essays. You have to score more than 720 for 1000 to pass the Certification, which is easy to do.!

You can learn about the exam blueprint on this link.

Just go through it, you will get much idea.. So, let's Start the Series with the top questions i received from your end, to conclude this post..

What is AWS? 

As we discussed Earlier, AWS Stands for Amazon Web Services. Imagine for now like, It is one of the Cloud Computing technology provider which we can use to do Stuffs on the cloud. 

Why AWS ?  

There are multiple Cloud providers like Microsoft's Azure, Google's own Cloud and much more but Amazon is kind of leader on the market compartively in terms on features and other Stuff's but that doesn't mean the Other Providers are not good, they are good to too. But when it comes to carrers of getting job, Companies prefer AWS more.. So, i thought AWS might be the good Start for us. Infact, you can easily get Certifications and Knowledge of Azure, google cloud,etc when you learn for AWS because most of them are very similar.

Is there a way we can make Money using AWS ? 

Ofcourse, that's what we discussed till now😅

What is it to Work on AWS? 

Working on AWS is kind of Stressful for somepeople especially when you started climbing up the ladders, but as i said earlier, its one of the field where you can earn much money.. So, Worth the risk.

 Does AWS requires Coding knowledge? 

Most of the Services nope.. Even for the essential ones, you have those codes readily available on github, Stackoverflow,etc.. So, dont' worry.

Are you AWS partner ?  

No, i just started this series to help one of our blog reader. I'm not a partner of AWS. However, you can become one by contacting AWS>

Is AWS better than Azure ?  

Each has its own advantage and disadvantages. So, it depends on the individual.

Does your tutorial for AWS free ? 


Will your guide help me in becoming Aws Certified Professional, as i'm unable to afford it?

Ya, you can use of our site to learn about AWS, as i said earlier, you can go for certification if you feel to do it, but when you have knowledge you dont need! But remember, there are many companies think certifications is the only way that shows you are qualified, so its upto you.! It will be a big hunt for you to search one company where you dont need one.

Hope i answered all your questions, if not feel free to comment or just send an email.. As this is just a introductory post on Cloud computing and how money is flowing heavily on it, closing it here.. See you on the next post..

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