Shall we start AWS tutorials as part of our blog (as usual for free..) #Learn AWS?

Shall we start AWS tutorials as part of our blog (as usual for free..) #Learn AWS?

 Hi family, Welcome back.! Thanks for the Continuous Support, even though i started writing contents with a brief gap in between.! Surprised to see more and more questions flowing to the inbox when i started writing back just couple of posts in this week, asking whether i'm back, why there were so much gap in between and whether there will be posts as usual😅.. I was slightly busy, and that was a result of long gap. I Will try to blog as usual, whenever i have time but will make sure to publish one post everyday or atleast once in 2days. 

I recently got a question from our blog reader asking whether AWS, Azure, Google cloud certifications are really required to Survive in Cloud industry or for someone choosing cloud as career. Though i replied with an honest opinion that they might be the future and those certifications (based on level) will really add up on skills for high paying jobs, i got a next question, whether is there anylink which we can learn aws for free or download aws course materials for free because the cost of aws, azure certification are really high for a normal person. And as i always suggest, the best way of learning is by practising if we start using services like S3, EC2, lambda, etc and if we left the EC2 service without terminating, then if u are cloud person you know the consequence you need to sell your house for paying the bills😂😂 just kidding! but yup, that's the slight truth too..!

So, i shared some of the links, where we can learn Aws courses for free as part of our motto of knowledge should be free.. But, thought of starting a knowledge series to learn about AWS so that others also can start learning stuff's and land into some of the high paying jobs.. 

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I Will try to start with as much as basic i can, but want to say one thing very clearly, that if i feel i can give a link where you can learn much better for that service for example official AWS website has more clear explanation for Cloudwatch, Cloudfront, IAM, EC2 than other sites which are teaching about those Services, then i will simply link it, so that we can save your time as well as mine. However, if u can't understand or found difficulty on that part, then feel free to let me know on comments or through emails as usual, happy to help..! I do understand, there are multiple Video tutorials/courses on udemy, udacity and even in youtube that teaches AWS, but unfortunately most of them are paid.. But, if i come across any free best courses then i will share that on our site, do suggest on comments or on emails if you come across one which is of high quality..! As usual, a friendly disclaimer i'm not certified AWS professional of Amazon to teach AWS, though have much knowledge about that, so feel free to verify the information you learn (which might be updated) with various sources.!

I also got few emails on when the combined latest tech news of the day collected from various sources post will be back.! Currently, im running up into multiple things, so, i will try to start that too as much as possible.!

We will start this series this week, So stay tuned by following on any our sites social media links to get update immediately.. Feel free to comment if you have any doubts on this journey.