Using Always ON, Always Connected PC ? - You can soon expect the Windows 10 May 2020 update!, Installed already and experiencing Unexpected Shutdown or restart? A fix is available for you as well!

Even though Microsoft tried too hard to prevent lot of bugs by releasing various Windows 10 insider builds, there were many problems user's start to experience when they upgraded their intelligent PC to the brand new Stable Windows 10 May 2020 update also known as Windows 10, Version 2004. One of the main issue that is faced by latest technology laptop holders is their device getting restarted or shutdown all of a sudden unexpectedly.

Microsoft has found that problem, and had applied compatibility hold for such devices ( Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and Microsoft Surface Laptop 3,etc) but users in an urge to use latest OS has already installed the latest OS. Result ? They started getting lot of errors, and faced unexpected shutdown and restarts losing their work as said earlier.

If you are the one, experiencing that issue(unexpected restart or shutdown after installing Windows 10, Version 2004), then here is a good news for you. The good news comes in the form of KB4557957, that was released yesterday. Microsoft has addressed the issue on the above update so installing that will fix your problem.

So, just check for updates it will auto download the update. 

If you are using Always On, Always connected PC but hadn't installed the update yet or yet to receive the update! then get ready Mate! because You're Next! to get the Other bugs as Microsoft is going to remove the Safeguard hold in the coming Weeks.

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