Latest tech news today worldwide - September 18,2019 (Google search key moments Video, Instagram Music, Fedora 31 Beta and More)

This is a small post to save time covering latest technology updates of today September 18,2019.

Google search will now help you find Key Moments in Video.

When you want to find some specific information, and when you use google search, it will try its best to get the exact result and will provide results in less than seconds by reading database with the help of algorithms. 

          But sometimes, Google says, the information that user searches will be found only in videos, and it will be a very difficult to retrieve the exact information from the video that user is searching for . But Google doesn't want to leave that as it is, it developed new technology which will retrieve the search result from videos. So, if you are searching for one particular word and if that moment can be found in video it will directly display that particular word arriving time, instead of actual video making search more friendly.

 Starting today you can find key moments within videos and get to the information you’re looking for faster, with help from content creators. When you search for things like how-to videos that have multiple steps, or long videos like speeches or a documentary, Search will provide links to key moments within the video, based on timestamps provided by content creators. You’ll be able to easily scan to see whether a video has what you’re looking for, and find the relevant section of the content. For people who use screen readers, this change also makes video content more accessible ,Google said in its blog

Edward Snowden sued by US government for Permanent Record.

Edward Snowden, the well known hacker who worked as Contractor worker in both NSA and CIA and revealed lot of classified information on how government tracks its users, was sued by US government for his memoir Permanent Record. US Government has filed a lawsuit claiming he didn't asked permission nor gave the book for review before publishing in violation of his secrecy agreements and non-disclosure obligations to the United States.

The government further sued the publishers of the memoir too stating they don't want the money that was earned through this to be sent to Edward.

You can read the complete lawsuit here.

Mozilla to release new version every Four weeks starting next year.

Mozilla will release the new version of firefox with new weeks every six weeks, but that was history now. As the Company announced that it will release new version of Firefox every four weeks instead of previous six to Eight week schedule.

Its clear now that Mozilla is making lot of changes focusing next year, especially after this and announcement of Firefox Private network last week.

Instagram music debuts in INDIA

Instagram has launched its Instagram music feature in INDIA. Instagram music feature will allow anyone to add music and add song lyrics to their Stories making it more engaging.

This feature is already available in many countries but was launched only now in India because of several limitations.

If you want to know how to do this, you can read the Official guide

Fedora 31 Beta now available.

Fedora, the linux community which has its own fan base released the beta version of Fedora 31. 

There are lot of changes and improvements done to the OS. If you wish to download fedora 31 beta 

then you can download it from here.

More news will be updated soon on this post or on next edition.