Latest tech news today worldwide - September 12,2019 (iPhone 11 Pro trypoPhobia, Firefox Private Network and More..)

Latest tech news today worldwide - September 12,2019 (iPhone 11 Pro trypoPhobia, Firefox Private Network and More..)

Firefox Private Network Beta arrives.

Following Opera, the open source browser Firefox has launched its own VPN service based browser on testing phase. If you are planning to use this as traditional VPN (which claims to hides all your connections from the system) then its not for you, as it will work only within browser that too when you turn on the option.

This browser addon will work only if you are connected from USA as of now. Mozilla said in its official blog.

If you are interested to test Firefox Private Network, then you can install it from this page.

Iphone 11 pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max causing trypophobia ?

Lot of users on twitter said, the new iPhone 11 is causing trypoPhobia. TrypoPhobia is a kind of emotional feeling(a kind of fear) you experience when you see the pattern of holes all together and this was believed to be found on nearly 16% of world population as per research.
           If you are feel something weird when you see the pattern of holes (especially bigger holes) then congrats you too joins the list, just kidding because this phobia was not recognized as true phobia as of now.

We're not sure whether iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max is really causing trypoPhobia because brands like Apple will really analyse all type of issues that might arise before marketing is well known.

Alexa auto 2.0 adds Offline Navigation Support..

Amazon's plan to dominate automobile industry is slowly increasing with the release of new Alexa auto SDK.  Alexa auto SDK 2.0 now offers full offline support which can be used to drive through tunnels, where your signal might be lost or weak.

Today, we announced version 2.0 of the Alexa Auto SDK, which now offers a full-suite of offline functionality, in addition to online functionality, for accessing Alexa in the car, including: music and radio, search and navigation, calling and messaging, and car control. Automakers and their suppliers can use the Alexa Auto SDK to integrate Alexa into their vehicles, helping keep customers entertained and productive—even when connectivity is intermittent or not available, the company said its in Official blog.
You can download alexa auto 2.0 SDK here.

 More news will be updated soon.