Government of India launches lost mobile phone portal (CEIR), Central Equipment Identity Register (DoT)

           Indian Government has launched new project Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) to track all the lost mobile phones. This service can be used to report and block your lost mobile phones. All you have to do is file a FIR and call the DoT number 14424, they will verify the IMEI details (IMEI number is unique for devices,so this portal was said to work only based on that. you can find your IMEI number in product box or invoice) and will share info to Operators. So, if someone used new SIM card on your lost mobile phone the operator will be alerted, and a new notification will be sent for blacklisting.

From now on, if you want to find lost phone or blacklist lost phone in India you can use this service.

But this service is currently available only as pilot phase, on Maharashtra region and will be rolled out to all parts of the country soon,the team said in press release.