Enable or disable an User account in Windows 10 [Beginners guide]

Enable or disable user account in Windows 10, that's what we're going to see in this post. We have so many ways to disable an user account in Windows 10. But Instead of directly disabling the account, you can consider setting time restrictions for the user which will be greatly helpful when it comes to family persons or Kids. As setting time restrictions will allow the particular person to login only on the particular time. On all other times, the user account will still remain locked, so they cannot be able to login.But if you still need to lock the user account, i.e; Disable a particular user account then you are good to go.

Enable or disable user account in Windows 10 [ How to guide]

Enabling or disabling user account is very simple. There are variety of ways available one of the way is using local users groups and policy section and another one is using CMD.

Just open CMD and type net user (insert user name here) /active:no and hit enter, you will see the account being locked in fraction of seconds, else follow the second step.

Check the following video for detailed steps...

Hope it helps...