This is how much free space we really need to install/upgrade to Windows 10

This is how much free space we really need to install/upgrade to Windows 10

A lot of people seems to know how much space does windows 10 really occupies and how 

much free space do i need to upgrade to windows 10.The answer for this question is 

simple.You need at least 8 GB of free space to perform successful upgrade.The next 

question that may arise in your mind is what to do when you don't have Such amount of 

space in your hard disk.

Then here are the few things you can try.

1.Uninstall/remove apps and programs that you no longer use.

Removing them will really free some space as the files that are associated with the program 

will automatically deleted when we uninstall them,which results us to get some free space.

2.The next thing,we can do is using disk clean-up.

Disk cleanup is an inbuilt utility that are available in windows,to perform cleaning 

operation.When we run this utility it will delete the unnecessary files,older restore points 

and its related items to free some space.

For more details,regarding disk clean-up check this article.  

3.Reduce the size of WinSxS folder...

WinSxS is an important folder available in windows directory,where our windows store its 

important files like windows components,updates and other items.Deleting them will make 

our system unstable,as Some critical issues like we can't restart and updates issues will 


But we can reduce the size of that folder using task scheduler.

If you are using Windows 8.1,then

ii) On the Search box(found on the top right corner) type Schedule tasks->select top most  

  result under administrative tools.

iii)Click on the arrow next to Task Schedule library,Navigate to

 Microsoft->Windows->Servicing.On that Select/click StartComponentCleanup

(iv) Again click/tap run under the item that is selected.

That Will perform the above task.

4).You can also attach an external drive which contain some free space..but don't forget to 

keep them in safe place if you need them for future.

That's it...

                                     "Hope it is helpful"