How to find ip address in Windows 10

How to find ip address in Windows 10

What is an IP Address ?

Internet Protocol or simply IP is an set of address used for finding,communicating with the 

other  machine in the network,like we identify unknown people by their names.we can use 

the ip address for many purposes,but for that we need to know the IP address.

So here is an tutorial for finding the IP Address of our machine using Windows 10 PC.

How to find it ??

Finding an ip address is an easy way...if you wish to find out the ip address of a pc running 

windows Operating system,then just 

follow the below steps..

Step 1 : Login to your Windows 10 Computer.

Step 2 : Press Windows (logo) key.

Step 3 : type cmd.

Step 4 : Select the topmost result.

Step 5 : A blank window will open,on that type ipconfig

How to find ip address in Windows 10

Step 6 : Hit enter.

The result will be your ip address...

If you have connected to the Wifi network,it will display lot of results..Scroll up and find IPV4 

which is your wifi address...

Tip : Just google what is my ip address,it will show it in fraction of seconds... ]

That's it...

                                           "Hope it is useful"

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