Prevent changing lock screen image in Windows 8,8.1,10

Hi,in this post lets see how to prevent changing lock screen image by users,this 

trick Works on all the Windows latest OS Windows 8,8.1,10,etc..

What is Lock screen image ???

Lock Screen image is an image that is displayed Whenever We lock our

Computer,or the One Which Welcomes us While We are Signing in. Windows 

let's us Customize our Own Lock Screen image.Unfortunately it can be changed 

by other users Who Are using the Same PC.So here is an tutorial to prevent 

Others from Changing the lock Screen image of the Computer.

How to Make it ??

We Can Prevent Others,by Simply enabling one Option in the Group Policy 


Just Follow the Steps below...

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows PC As Admin.

Step 2 : Press Windows +R Key Simultaneously.

It Will Popup the run Command.On it type gpedit.msc

Step 3 : Hit Enter.

Step 4 : It will Open a new Window,Which is Local Group Policy Editor.

Step 5 : On that Navigate as Follows.

Computer Configuration->Administrative templates->Control 


Prevent changing lock screen image in Windows 8,8.1,10

Step 6 : You May Find an Option,Prevent Changing Lock Screen image .on 

the right Pane.

Step 7 : Click on it.

Step 8 : It Will Open A New Window, on that Select Enabled.

Step 9 : Select/tap Apply.

Step 10 : Click on Ok.

Prevent changing lock screen image in Windows 8,8.1,10

Step 11 : Close the Window.

That's it...Now no one Can Change the lock screen image.

If You Planned to Change in Future,Simply Change it Not Configured.

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