How to take and View Screenshots in Windows 7,8,8.1,10

Screenshots Are the One taken by the user for recording the visible item that Was Currently 

in the Monitor.In Other Words, Printing the Screen is known as Screenshot. We can use 

Screenshots for Many Purpose like representating the Image for 

later use,like we used in this tutorial too..Enough Said.lets See how to take Screen Shots 

and View them in Windows.

Taking the Screenshot is Very easy,if You Are new to Windows then its time to Check out

Just Follow the Steps:

Step 1 : Login to Windows PC.

Step 2 : After You have entered into desktop.Open anything You need to take 

Screenshot.Example :desktop Screen.

Step 3 : Press Windows Key + prtsc key in keyboard simultaneously.

Your Screen Will splash for a Second Which is the indication of Screen Shot is Captured.

That's it...Now it's time to view the Captured Screenshot.

Step 4 : Press Windows + E Key.

Step 5 : look for libraries on the left pane,on that Select Pictures.

How to take and View Screenshots in Windows 8,8.1,10

Step 6 : Open the Screenshots folder,by double clicking it,there Will be the Pictures You 


That's it...