Time to Start Living Life ?

Time to Start Living Life ?

Happy New Year guys.! that's what i thought of Saying when beginning this post, but the current situation doesn't make me say so, as day by day the count of our fellow people getting new variants are increasing a lot.! 

But remember this is just a temporary halt like past, So don't lose hope, we will Overcome this too.! I can hear some of your mind voice saying we last seen you on last new year 2021, you came to Say Happy New year and you left after few posts๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜… to those loyal readers, i like to confirm yes i'm alive (for now.!) and a big Sorry, the year was quite challenging making me not able to post regularly; I just replied to some of your emails i got for the questions u sent, but unable to post on our blog, i will spend more time this time..!

To recall, lot of things have happened in this World and life, both good and bad.. Some of us were infact part of the #The Great resignation campaign, as people Started thinking what they want, instead of just Chasing Money.!

Ofcourse, i'm not denying the fact that Money is everything.. Money decides what we want and What we can have! I had seen few people losing their loved ones, just because they didn't get that on time. So, dont think that way, and instead think as a Wise guy (who u know) Said, Money is not everything in life, but Makesure you earn sufficient before you think of such non-Sense.! 

But.. But, when i started Saying But, don't over run missing your valuable Moments in terms of chasing Money.! Pause for a Minute, Start looking around! Spend Quality time with your friends and Family.. Whom we started to forgot in the game of running for making ourselves better..! Everyone is gonna die one day, you! Me! And everyone! if not on 70's on 120 or 130 unless they know the mantra's that allows their Souls to Switch between bodies (ya that exists, and believed to be Still done by yogi's and Siddhars of North and South India).! or projects like Neurolink get Successful.!

The reason i'm saying that was because even if we have nearly $10000000000000000000000000000000000 with us , u and me will die without taking them with us.. So, Just pause and Start living the life.! Earning for us and our family is enough, don't run with others of getting Social Status, which we are anyway gonna lose once we hit 60's and 80's.! If you can earn for eating good food, wearing good cloth and good place to Sleep peacefully one Survey says, you belong to top 2% riches of the World.! trust me, its true too.! 

One of the most asked question by our readers who contacted me asked, whether its safe to invest in cryptocurrency , what are your thoughts,etc..'. Ya you are feel free to do that.! But do as per your government rules.. I will neither say go ahead, nor to Stop.!  Better be a Warrior in garden, then being a gardener in War.! Just go as per timing.! But beware of Scammers, there is a news that Says nearly $14 billion were Stolen by Scammers in the last 2021 alone! So, be extra Cautious.!

 I had also Seen few Memes that says 2022 has 2020 in it, and it will be return of the 2020.. Just take it as Joke, and dont complicate that because this will Pass too! We will have our world back as usual in sometime.! Let's work with more hope, spending More time in enjoying Moments..!

Don't know whether Masks, will help prevent virus Spreading, there are several researches for that..! But one thing for Sure will help is maintaining Social distance, and eating good healthy food that boosts antibodies in our body. Because if you or it can't find the target, you are the one.! 

Stay and be Safe, take care of our family..!

Happy New year..!