How to screenshot in Windows 11 on both desktop and Laptops! - How to [Beginner's guide]

How to screenshot in windows 11 and where are screenshots saved in Windows 11 location? that's what we're gonna see in today's post..If you think do we Seriously, need a Separate article to explain how to screenshot on Windows 11? yes, We do! Because as usual, we actually start from basics;and our blog readers do require this..! So, if you want to know how to print screen in Windows 11 laptop and desktops then this guide will help you because the process is same for both desktop and laptops..

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Here, we go..

Taking Screenshots in Windows 11 is very easy and was same like we do in Windows 10. All you need to do is find the Prntsc or PrtScn key on your Keyboard and hit it. 

If you don't where that is or if you are using touchscreen, then you can save your time much faster. In the Search box , type OSK and select the first result On Screen keyboard.

There you will see an option PrtScn below Insert Option, last right Corner. click that.. 

This will copy your screen to clipboard

Option 2 : Using Snipping tool.

Like Windows 10, Windows 11 also has Snipping tool, which will save our work when it comes to saving time on cropping things..

If you are hearing the Snipping tool for the first time, then i will say in one line, it is a tool written to make our work much easier. Imagine you want to take Screenshot only a particular section of your screen, then this tool will come to your rescue. How? if you are pressing PrntSc or PrtScn then u will see Windows taking/ capturing the entire screen. And if you press Windows logo Key and PrintScreen/PrtScr Keys together, It will save your Picture under Screenshots folder of Pictures folder available on This PC Section. and then you need to do Extra work of cropping things! ugh..! a kind of time consuming work, right? 

We can reduce that by using this Snipping tool.

To do that, 

Press and Hold Windows (logo) Key, Shift key and S key together.

You will see Snipping tool opening instantly asking you to draw a Shape of your choice if you are opening for first time. Just hold your mouse button, drag and draw a kind of rectangle of the section  you want to select on the screen and release it. But Wait, it doesn't do anything? Snipping tool doesn't work!

No! If you think, Snipping tool in Windows 11 is not working as it got disappears the moment you released the mouse pad/fingers then you are wrong! Because, it will just take screenshot and  will copy it to clipboard and then will close the window automatically.

So, you need to Paste the file from your clipboard on Some apps like Photoshop to get full use of this Application..

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