Happy New Year to you.. #Family!!

Happy New Year to you.. #Family!!

            Folks who said i'm still in 2020 but you went to 2021 (a year ahead because of timezone), you can't say that old joke now! Because its Official, New year has born for all of us now at this Moment..!

I wish a Very Happy New Year to all our readers (aka) the Family of Logeshwaran.Org!! Last year was a quite a bad year for us because of this virus! Few of us had lost our loved ones but most of us had lost the power of our own WILL (power) and stopped believing in hope, which has the magic power of changing the things!! Trust me, 2021 is not gonna be the best year like we used to have! But..., But! we can make it the best , i would say better than the best when we can regroup ourselves, and come back stronger.! 

< Our friends and family members would say,let's enjoy the present, without thinking about future, because tomorrow is uncertain! Yes, tomorrow is uncertain, but remember we are waking up everyday since our birth till now when we go to sleep, which is nothing but the so called tomorrow. So, let's not fool ourselves by those creepy dialogues.!! Let's enjoy the moment, but let's also make sure we are preparing for future in the same time, which is nothing but focusing on doing which is best for next day on the present time!!

Yes,! Vaccines will be ready, governments will be ready to sponsor those things, but sometimes u might need to spend all your money to get those high priced vaccines (if u are not on country where government can Sponsor) because we are being pushed to a state where people started saying Only if you put vaccines you will survive! And few people with historic diseases for whom taking vaccines itself will cause bad effects to Body might be forced with others'. If you belong to those category who can't take vaccines. Then please, Stop listening to those people! Though Vaccines might help us prevent those virus, it is not the case that only if you take vaccines you will live!! Because, we had survived for past couple of months before this vaccines were discovered, by practicing good hygiene and taking food as medicine! Let's not forget that! and Also death will come in any form not only by virus., Remember that!

Don't think that i'm against this vaccines! I'm not against the Vaccine drive,because you have to take that whenever its possible for you to take to prevent severe infections!(trust me when i say that, i had seen few people recovering faster, after getting affected then the one's who haven't done that) i'm just saying, its not the only source for you to live (if u can't take because of some circumstance) and only if you take that, you will live!! You will Live, when you started to Live! 

You might be in poor financial situation as most of us had lost our precious jobs and businesses, which made some of my friends to take difficult decision of quitting and ending the life! 

If you belong to one of those, i urge you to stop thinking in that way! Instead let's pause for a moment and think, how we can overcome this! Ask yourself the answer, because you already know that!! you might need to spend some time alone to think about that, that's okay too! If you wanna travel, then travel! Remember,the top 10 richest man, still doubled their income even during this pandemic time!, think like them, when they can, you can too, you just have to think, that's it! 

if one door closes, the other one will open, but only when you hit the door, not just you left thinking that the door was already closed!  

Because Its not over till you decided to give up! Let's believe in our ourselves back again,and rework! thinking that you will be able to over change any situation irrespective of circumstances! Because you can and if you start, you will!! Victory will come to those who run, and only to those whose refuse to give up, don't be the person who gave up! Be the person who will never give up and will fight for what you want!! Let's fight for our dreams, the goals and let's make this 2021 awesome even if others say it will not!

Please take care of yourself, and our family..!

Happy New Year:)