News bar beta spotted in Windows 10

There was a news that Microsoft was working on a new News Bar as it got many leaks past month, looks like the rumors are true, as its now official! the News bar is now available in Beta stage for everyone living in United states.

If you are living on other country, don't worry it will be launched soon to other areas very soon. 

What's this News bar all about?

Don't expect this to be a whole different app. Because there is nothing new, like you have a taskbar, you are going to get another bar on right side of your Screen. The difference and one useful thing is if you are the one who wants to have up-to-date information, then it will be very useful for you. 

It will reside on your right corner side of the desktop or left sidebar or top/bottom(above to taskbar) depending on your configuration and will continuously fetch all the latest updates from MSN and will display it like a story to you. If you are interested you can click and view the story.

News bar beta spotted in Windows 10

It also have many optional features, like minimizing if you feel its distracting and other features like changing the appearance, position, visualization etc..

How to change position of News bar in Windows 10 ?

If you like to change the position of News bar to bottom, rather than right side then you can change it in the settings, appearance section of the app.

All the stories that is displayed will open on your default browser.

You can get the app from this link.

As usual, don't forget to give feedback for the beta apps it will help the developers a lot.