Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19041.172 iso Official download link is here..!

Windows 10 Insider preview build 19041.172 was 2 days back to slow ring insiders. And as you might have probably guessed this insider build 19041 might be the future/ upcoming Windows 10 version 2004. (So, if you are waiting for Windows 10 version 2004 iso file, then you can go for this. ) One of our blog reader contacted me and asked about the iso download link of this preview build 19041 if there is any.

I started checking on various sources, and finally ended up in Microsoft site itself(as usual, looked on various sources instead of looking on official site first๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€).  I had shared the link to him and thought it will be great to share that here too for our other readers.

So, If you are the one who want to test this 19041 build or want to download this Insider preview build 19041 then, here is the link for you.

Links :(Opens in new window)

Download Windows 10 Insider preview 1941.172 x86 bit ISO.
Download Windows 10 Insider preview 1941.172 x64 bit iso

Any Issues on this Windows Insider Preview build 19041.172 Slow ring?

As of now, there was no big issues when using this build, but it has one issue as mentioned by Microsoft Narrator might not work well when using chromium version of Microsoft Edge. Other that that, there will be no issues.

If the download link is not working, then

  • Visit this Official Microsoft site
  • It might ask you to sign-in sometimes, so sign in if you haven't.
  • Select Edition of your choice.
  • Download your preferred language
  • Confirm, and enjoy..

And as a friendly reminder, this is an insider preview version and of slow ring type, so might have most of the bugs fixed but might have some unknown bugs. So, try at your own risk and share your feedback to Microsoft so that they fix the issues before releasing for stable version.

Keep testing :)

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