Google's Personal Safety App Spotted on Playstore ! - Might be coming for new Pixel devices.

Google personal safety app was spotted in Play store by the team of XDA developers. Though, this app was now removed from Playstore, Screenshots that were available confirms it will be Google's new way of deducting Car Crashes and Emergencies.

How Google Personal Safety App works?

If there was a car crash, then this app will deduct the crash with the help of Microphone and various sensors available on your phone and will ask whether you are safe or not. It will also display additional details to contact 911.   If there is no response from you within specific time then it will automatically notify the Emergency team, the feature that was available on Apple watch and became famous when this tech actually saved life of a person past month.

This app also said to have an option to notify particular set of contacts available on your phonebook with small custom message designed in such a way to notify some family members/friends in case of emergency.

We guess this app will be Pixel 4 exclusive and will be made available for all the pixel devices later this month, as the exact release of this app is not known.