Install fonts on Kali linux Latest version - How to[Guide]

Install fonts on Kali linux Latest version - How to[Guide]

How to install fonts on my Kali Linux PC one of the question i received from our blog reader who wish to change and install fonts in the GIMP but as it loads only the fonts from the system directory he was unable to do so and contacted me.

To be very honest, i was little bit surprised by his question on "How to manually install fonts on Kali linux", as we don't need to do anything special here and being a Kali user its not a big task but anyhow decided to write it here as an post so that it can help some of our friends out there.

So, if you are the one searching for this steps, then i hope this article might be little bit helpful for you too..

Here we go..

How to install fonts for GIMP or How to Install fonts in Kali Linux Latest version.

To install fonts, you don't need any special kind of commands. All you have to do is to ensure the font format that is getting downloaded, rest the system will take care.

I will explain that with the following example..

Let's take i want to install a font called Allura in my Kali Linux.

Here is what i will do..

1) I will Visit (Which has a huge database for all the fonts)

2) I will search the font name i want. In our case i will type allura and will select Download Family button.

That's it the file will be downloaded in zip format.

3) Once its downloaded, double click on the zip that was downloaded which will open the contents that were inside the file.

4) Look for the file which ends with .ttf or some font type format.

5) Double click on it, it will show the new window with text something like "The Quick brown fox...."

and in the toolbar you will see "Install" just click on that, and wait for few seconds..

Install fonts on Kali linux Latest version - How to[Guide]

Boom!! it will display "Installed".

That's it your font was now installed successfully.

And By following the above steps, you can install any fonts on your Kali Linux PC and those fonts will  be automatically fetched by most of the apps like GIMP.