How to connect Bluetooth in Kali Linux 2019.2 (or) How to enable Bluetooth in Kali Linux Latest version

How to connect Bluetooth in Kali Linux 2019.2 or how to enable or problem fix bluetooth on latest version of Kali Linux this would be the great problem experienced by beginners of Linux, particularly if you are Kali Linux user. The Reason is, 

When you opened the bluetooth using the normal GUI, it will display "Bluetooth Turned Off, Turn on to Connect devices and receive file transfers", even when you slided the option to right side on the top right corner (which normally indicates the option is turned on).

So, what you need to do ?

You don't need to perform any vast operations, all you need to do is to just start bluetooth service in your Kali Linux OS.

OK, but how to do it?

Just follow the below steps.

How to turn on Bluetooth in Kali Linux latest version.

1) Open terminal

2) Type the following command and Hit Enter

sudo systemctl start bluetooth.service

or you can even use this simple command 

 service bluetooth restart

3) Hit enter.

That's it.

Now, open the same bluetooth screen, you can see your Bluetooth device and linux scanning and displaying nearest devices.


Sometimes, if you are using the Updated version of Kali or any different GUI versions, then u will miss the application. So, the fool proof way for that is using terminal..

Do,this you won't be disappointed.

1) Fire up your terminal

Write Sudo service bluetooth restart and hit enter (if you had logged in as root, simply type Service bluetooth restart)

2) Once service is restarted, type bluetoothctl and Hit Enter.

3) Now, we have to perform scanning of devices, so run "Scan on" Command on the same terminal and hit enter.

Makesure, your bluetooth devices are in paring mode.

4) Once your device is discovered, type Pair "Mac address of the device ID" for example Pair 00:18:00:00 

5) It will pair, or will show pair already exists if its done before or u might need to run additional command trust "device mac address id".

6) Now, just type connect "device id" for example : Connect 00:19:00:00 and hit enter.

That's it

Hope it helps:)

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