Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17128 (RS4) ISO Images Free download [Link]

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17128 (RS4) ISO Images Free download [Link]

Windows 10 insider preview 1728 was released by Microsoft yesterday, which we can call it as just a polished OS, because the latest windows 10 insider preview 1728 has no new features, expect Microsoft removing the Watermark which will appear on the lower hand right side corner of Monitor.

Microsoft too confirmed that, its not the final build of upcoming Spring Creators Update, and they have lot new to test.

Microsoft has also revealed some news about the Cortana Show Me app, which is now available as preview app on Windows Store. This app's role is to just guide you to change the settings of your PC step by step.

Since, its currently available only as preview, it was updated only to guide following things.
  • Update Windows
  • Check if an app is installed
  • Uninstall an app
  • Change your desktop background
  • Use Airplane Mode
  • Change your display brightness
  • Add nearby printers or scanners
  • Change your default programs
  • Change your screen resolution
  • Turn off Windows Defender Security Center
  • Run a security scan
  • Change Wi-Fi settings
  • Change your power settings
  • Discover Bluetooth devices
  • Check your version of Windows

If you wanna test this build, then here are some third party ISO files i found on Internet.

Just download and install it as usual. If you are an beginner and wanna install without any errors, then you can follow the video i created for creators update, which will still work for this build. 

Youtube Video Link 

Third party ISO Links..

Download Windows 10 build 17128 ISO image x64 bit (64 bit)

Download Windows 10 build 17128 ISO image x86 bit (32 Bit)

Credits : To the file uploader.

Note : The links provided are from third party source, so try at your own risk.