Write on Our site!!

Here we go. answer to the most asked question..

Ever since the moment, our site has reached much readers (from 2018) lot of our family members (readers/followers) are contacting me to check whether we can do guest posting on our site. As i wished to keep the blog for personal use i refused those offers. 

But this question seems to been one of the question i receive at least twice a week for the last couple of months which made me to rethink and reanalyze, because most of those readers who contacted me are sharing their content link had just asked me to check and include those links only if i wish.

When i checked those links, onething i observed was they do have the same mission like me (sharing the Knowledge content for free) but they are unable to achieve the mission because of the so called SEO and other stuffs'.

I found this too be bad because even i was on that day once,(initial days of this site.) to be very honest, if u read out my old posts, u would be little bit surprised to see me writing those posts which doesn't have that much content and poor grammar.

So, i decided the only solution to help our fellow bloggers is to bring out guest posting section on our site and decided to write this post.

If you wanna guest post on our site, then i would say 

Guest posting on Our site is purely Welcomed from now on.., if you wish to write one of the post and need our help in publish it, then kindly send your post via email to 


We will read your post, will check whether it can be published or not, and will notify about our decision. If the post was found to be meeting our standards, we will get back and publish on the guest posting section/domain of our site. Charges? Of course, there will be no charges but depending on posts to maintain site costs, and for maintaining quality of our site we might need your help..

Contact/write email to us for more details.

Below are the terms and conditions or golden rules which u should note..

Kindly Write posts which are simple and easy to understand (Crisp and clear) but make sure your post has at least 1000+ words following all search engine like google's and bing program policies.

Write your own content (Itz Ok, people will hate/blame you, if you make mistakes and for your poor english at first, but we can develop it).

And last, but not least, Don't forget to attach your website or blog link (If you own One) for backlinks.


Its hereby noted that, logeshwaran.org reserve total rights for the post you send(from the moment it reached our mailbox), we might delete, monetize or edit the content that you send before/after posting on our site and can even remove the post if found offensive or any issues related to DMCA with or without notice to maintain our site standards and readers credibility And you hereby accept that you are agreeing for the above condition when sending the post.